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Welcome to Gambys Stone Crabs. We are currently closed for the season. Stone Crab season officially closes May 14th. Check back with us October 15th, when Stone crab season officially opens. You may contact us at if you should have any questions.
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1). Is my stone crab order secure?

When you are in the final checkout mode, you should see a lock shown on your browser somewhere at the bottom of your screen. This means that the order is secure. This is only important when submitting credit card information. ?

2). Can I view the status of my orders?

Yes you can do this at anytime. Simply click the "View Account" button located on the top of each page. ?

3). Who do I contact with my questions?

You may email your stone crab questions to anytime or call us at 877-369-2722. or you can call FRANK any day at any time toll free: 1-877-369-2722

4). What is Gambys Guarantee?

Gambys guarantee is as follows. If you receive our stone crab claws when you were supposed to receive them from the courier and they are not fresh for any reason, we will ship you another order at no extra cost to you. You must call us within 8 hours of receiving the package from the courier.

5). Why are you more expensive than other stores?

We do not keep an inventory and sell the freshest claws possible. Because of the Hurricanes that battered Florida this year there are many seafood restaurants that have not opened their door. Because of this, there is an over abundance of claws. Fisheries, restaurants, and seafood stores who keep an inventory of claws are forced to sell you their oldest inventory 1st in order to rotate their stock to keep purchasing from the Fishermen. You could possibly be purchasing claws that are 3-6 days old. With Gambys, you can be assured that you will be receiving claws that have been caught, cooked and shipped the same day!

6). Can I get a refund if I do not receive my order on time?

NO - There are no refunds once an order has shipped. Once you purchase anything from Gambys, and the product has shipped, the product is yours. The instant that the courier(FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, etc..) has possession of your order, it is the responsibility of the courier to deliver your package on a timely manner. In most cases, the courier will refund your money. IT IS NOT GAMBYS FAULT THAT YOUR PACKAGE DID NOT ARRIVE IN A TIMELY MANNER. Customers who dispute their Gambys charge with their credit card company loose their ordering privileges and will be promptly turned over to Gambys attorneys for collection proceedings. It is the customers responsibilites to track their packages.
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